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Family Maths resources

Our Family Maths Scrapbooks and Activities are designed to help schools engage parents and families with their children's maths learning.

The weekly activities, best suited to reception and years 1-6, allow families and children to explore everyday maths problems together and are designed to help children make a connection between what they are learning at school with situations in everyday life. Scroll down to try out sample activities for free.

The activities support the development of maths-based conversations between children and their families, which boosts confidence in mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

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Family Scrapbook Challenge

What you need to know

  • Family Maths Activities are available for reception and school years 1-6 (ages 5-11)
  • Activities are designed to support national expectations for the age group and aligned to England’s 2014 National Curriculum.
  • Each set includes a weekly maths challenge for children to complete outside of school with their family.
  • Activities are linked to things at home, the school calendar and cultural events to give purpose and link to real life, They aim to stimulate mathematical conversations, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Activities are designed to support national expectations for the age group and aligned to England’s 2014 National Curriculum.
  • Scrapbooks are used to record the activity and findings. These can include pictures, photos, diagrams, charts, graphs or any other form of recording.
  • The completed scrapbooks can be displayed at school to encourage more families to participate and encourage children to learn from each other

Activity Overviews

How does it link to the National Curriculum?

Below are our activity overview guides which provide information on how each activity links to the National Curriculum, topics covered and term suggestions.

Year R Activity Overview Information

Year 1 Activity Overview Information

Year 2 Activity Overview Information

Year 3 Activity Overview Information

Year 4 Activity Overview Information

Year 5 Activity Overview Information

Year 6 Activity Overview Information


"If parents engage with their children's education, the attainment of the child will increase by 15% no matter what the social background of the family"
Professer Charles Deforges

The Family Maths Scrapbook activities were designed by our Parental Engagement Pedagogical Team and draw on National Numeracy’s successful pilot in primary schools across the UK.

  • 81% of teachers indicated that the approach broke down barriers to parental engagement.
  • 73% of parents and carers said that they felt more able to support their child with maths.
  • “It’s been a lot of fun. We have done loads of cooking and it's made me try and find maths in everything.” - Family Maths Scrapbook parent

Schools can download Family Maths activities for free online or order scrapbooks using the order form.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch.

Try out our sample everyday maths activities

Year R (Reception) activity

Year R (Reception) beetle game activity

Who will be the first to complete their beetle?

View example
Year 1 activity

Year 1 measuring activity

Choose 5 of your favourite toys

View example
Year 2 activity screenshot

Year 2 zoo activity

Count how many legs animals at the zoo have

View example
Year 3 activity screenshot

Year 3 cupcakes activity

Making cupcakes together

View example
Year 4 activity screenshot

Year 4 shopping activity

Going shopping and special offers

View example
Year 5 activity

Year 5 design a superhero activity

Proportion, ratio and measurements

View example
Year 6 Activity

Year 6 olympic ring activity

Number puzzle

View example