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Family Maths Activities

Our Family Maths activities are available for schools to download for free.

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Parental involvement has a large and positive impact on children's learning

Review of Best Practice in Parental Engagement" (Department for Education, 2010

The effect of parental involvement at home was stronger than that of either socio-economic status or parents' level of education

The impact of parental involvement, parental support and family education on pupil achievement and adjustment (Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003
  • Evidence

    Engaging parents and carers with their child's education leads to raised attainment, improved behaviour and school attendance. Find out more by browsing reports and publications relating to parental engagement.

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  • Parental engagement audit tool

    How to complete the Audit Tool form

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  • Parents' maths skills

    Too many adults struggle with their own maths to feel confident about supporting their children. Find out how you can help.

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  • Supporting all families

    Maths is a valuable life skill we all use every day. By working with parents to engage with their children's maths learning, you can raise the skill level of both the child and their parents

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  • Understanding barriers to engagement

    Reaching families you may have previously struggled to engage

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  • Extra support for children

    Supporting the mathematical development of all children

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  • Using a 'parents champion'

    You may wish to consider a Parent Champion to support the development of your parental engagement strategy

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  • Your stories

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Parents give children their first experiences of maths

It’s important that children's first encounters with maths are positive. Lots of children hear their parents, carers and other adults say things like "I can’t do maths" or "I was never any good at maths and I’m OK" and the impact of this on the child can be very damaging.

There are many barriers that can prevent some families from engaging with their child’s learning, especially with maths.This can include parents and carers own bad experiences of learning maths and being anxious about their own skills, time constraints and language barriers.

Help break down these barriers

  1. Share the Family Maths Toolkit with parents/carers at your school. You can use the ideas in Advice for families in and out of the classroom.
  2. Use the Family Maths Toolkit to create your own strategy to engage parents.

No matter what their maths ability, all families can make a difference to their child's maths education.