Improving your own maths

Don't let numbers hold you back.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to improve your skills, there are lots of different ways you can build your maths confidence.

The National Numeracy Challenge

The Challenge Online is a free, confidential and easy to use website that helps adults develop the maths skills needed for everyday life.

There's also information that addresses why maths is important, common concerns and adult learners' success stories.

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You can also get the Challenge in your workplace

Star Dash Studios

A free smartphone game helping young adults see everyday maths in vocational settings.

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Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills qualifications focus on problem-solving and help learners use maths in everyday situations.

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GCSE Maths

GCSE maths develops learners’ abilities to solve mathematical problems. The course focuses on developing the confidence to use, apply and talk about maths.

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