Maths and money

Teaching your children about money is a great opportunity to start do some simple maths.

Show your child how to use money, with real money at the shops or pretend money at home, and talk to your child about where money comes from.

Tips & ideas

  • Play the coin game. Trace around coins and colour in the shapes; ask your child to match the coin to the image and talk about each one's name. (Note: toddlers may put coins in their mouth, so always keep an eye out!)
  • At the shops. Ask your child to guess how much items will cost together. Give them small amounts of change and ask them what they think they can buy with it. Talk about the items you buy; which are more expensive and which are cheaper? Which are heavier, which are lighter?
  • Play shops. You could make pretend money or use Monopoly money for your play shop, and use items around the house as shop items. By 'buying' things with play money, your child begins to understand that different things cost different amounts of money.

What skills are we practising?

  • Identifying shapes
  • Learning numbers
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Counting
  • Estimating
  • Comparing

For ideas, look at:

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Family Learning free online money games

This will help children with recognising coins, counting, adding and working out change.

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Pirate Poundland!

A twist on the usual play shop from NRICH.

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Talking to Children About Money

The Money Advice Service has videos and activities to help parents and carers introduce children to the sensible money habits they will need as adults.

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