Have fun with maths!

Games help children develop a positive attitude towards maths.

Whenever your child uses maths in play, explain that they're using maths. This will help them realise how much we all use maths every day.

Tips & ideas

  • Play with cards. Take 2 cards and add the numbers together, the player with the highest number wins.
  • Play with blocks. Get them to think about size, colour, shape, weight and texture. Create patterns and structures, ask them to guess how many blocks they could pile up without them falling down.
  • Play 'I spy' with numbers and shapes.
  • Play with containers. For example, how many socks can you fit in the box, which container holds the most sand, water or beads etc.
  • Play the Clue Game. Pick an object and give your child clues to that object by using directional language, such as up, down, over, under, between, through, beside, behind, in front of, and on top of. Make the game more challenging by giving two part directions e.g. "It's on top of the table and to the left of the TV".
  • Board Games are great for developing skills. Try games like Connect 4, Jenga or Snakes and Ladders.

What skills are we practising?

  • Counting
  • Numbers relationships
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Estimating
  • Shape and measure
  • Pattern and sequence

For ideas, look at:

All external resources have been reviewed and recommended by our Parental Engagement Pedagogical team. (External links will open in a new tab).


Work together to build the house and keep the little pigs safe! The game develops counting and strategy skills and encourages co-operation.

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A football themed board game

Practise counting to 10.

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Family Learning

Online counting games to help children from 2 to 6 get to grips with numbers.

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Matific Primary Games

Activities and games for each primary school year group.

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CBeebies Numtums

Fun maths games, songs and colouring in featuring loveable creatures with numbers on their tummies.

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Just Child's Play

Games and toys to develop mathematical skills and thinking.

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Brainbox Books & Games

Brainbox have a range of maths boardgames, books and games for sale. Try charity shops or libraries, and look for free app versions of your favourite board games.

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Mathletics Interactive Game

An interactive online game for children to have fun with maths both on their own and with others.

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teddy bear game

Teddy Bear Game

An ideal introduction to dice games for very young children.

Curious Dragons Box 1

The Curious Dragons: Counting with Understanding

A fun and engaging set of games for children aged 3-5, based on the 'Singapore Maths' mastery method. The five games help to develop children's counting skills and maths vocabulary through play. Available to buy on Amazon.

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Parent Club: Counting & Number Games

Free ideas for fun counting and number games to try in everyday activities with your child.

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