Around the house

There's maths in all the every day activities you already do together with your child.

There are plenty of opportunities to play with numbers, and help your child feel positive about maths. Always point out that you are doing maths - this helps children understand that maths isn't scary.

Tips & ideas

  • Cooking. Measure ingredients and set the timer together.
  • Practise counting up to twenty and then back to one.
  • Find the same amount of different items to help your child understand what numbers mean. For example, find 3 spoons, 3 hats, or 3 socks.
  • Talk about the shape and size of objects, e.g. big car, round ball, rectangular box. Ask questions like "pass me the biggest box", or "which is the smallest shoe?".
  • Play with items like shells, bottle tops, beads, Lego and compare them. Try making patterns with them together.
  • Put items in order. You could do this by weight, height or size. Ask your child to help you organise items around the house.
  • Make patterns with objects, colouring pencils, paint or Play-Doh.
  • Build structures with Duplo, Lego or boxes.
  • Solve problems. Work out "how many altogether" and "how many more". As your child questions such as "We have 3 red apples and 2 green apples, so how many apples do we have altogether?".

What skills are we practising?

  • Measuring
  • Counting
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Comparison
  • Patterns
  • Order
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning
  • Shape

For ideas, look at:

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