Have fun with maths!

Games help children develop a positive attitude towards maths.

Whenever your child uses maths in play, explain that they're using maths. This will help them realise how much we all use maths every day.

Tips & ideas

  • Play with cards. Take 2 cards and add the numbers together, the player with the highest number wins. Try it with subtraction, multiplication, and division too.
  • Get them to design a tree house, clothes or car or whatever they're interested in. Ask them to work out the right measurements.
  • Play board games like Connect 4, Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Dominos, or PLYT.
  • Ask your child to design their own board game and dice. Play the game together and talk about the mathematical thinking, reasoning, or problem solving the game used.

What skills are we practising?

  • Counting
  • Number relationships
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Multiplication and division
  • Estimating
  • Shape and measure
  • Sequences and patterns
  • Problem solving and reasoning

For ideas, look at:

All external resources have been reviewed and recommended by our Parental Engagement Pedagogical team. (External links will open in a new tab).

Lampogo 3

A card and counter game that's great fun for parents and children to play together, practising addition, subtraction and problem-solving skills.

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A little box full of fun and challenging card games to enjoy at home or on your travels. These games allow children (and parents!) to practise mental arithmetic alongside vital thinking and reasoning skills.

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Dolphin fraction game

Play the dolphin fraction game.

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An introduction to algebra

A fun balancing game.

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Brainbox Books and Games

Brainbox have range of maths boardgames, books and games for sale. Try charity shops or libraries, and look for free app versions of your favourite board games.

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Mathletics Interactive Game

An interactive online game for children to have fun with maths both on their own and with others.

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Competitive maths game for the whole family, proven to improve maths and confidence with numbers.

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City of Zombies game

City of Zombies

City of Zombies is a fast, fun and engaging game that inspires creative number play with numbers

Times Square game

Times Square

A dice rolling card game from the makers of City of Zombies that makes maths fun

Number Rumbler card game

Number Rumbler Card Game

Number Rumbler is a brain-fizzing, fun card-based game for families to practice times tables and develop number sense

Kippson Times Tables Wall Stickers and Flash Cards

Stimulate visualisation of times tables with colourful, moveable wall stickers and themed flashcards

hooa ha hoo ha

HOO HA! HOO HA! Number bond card game

Super simple to learn, great fun to play, number-bond card game, that's genuinely educational

Super Hoo Ha

Super HOO HA! Times tables card game

The game is strategic and promotes an understanding of the interaction between the four arithmetic operations. The games encourages the understanding that division is the inverse of multiplication and that multiplication is repeated addition.


A whole bag full of fun number games for the family, developing calculating, reasoning and thinking skills.

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Star Dash Studios

A free smartphone game helping young adults see everyday maths in vocational settings.

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Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations

A free app featuring a set of games to support learners of any age in understanding the key ideas that underpin the number system.

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