Books and TV

Books, TV and radio are a great way to keep children excited about numbers. Ask them about the maths in any story they read, or TV programme they watch.

Books, TV and film

At this age children will start being more independent with their choices of books. Whatever they're reading or watching, there's opportunities to talk about maths. For example:

  • How did the 'clock' work in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins?
  • How long does it take Alex Rider to solve his missions in the series by Anthony Horowitz?
  • How many votes are being cast on X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?

By discussing the maths found in books, TV and film, children see how maths is used all the time.

For ideas, look at:

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BBC Megamaths is a radio show about a team of detectives on a maths mission to solve mental maths problems.

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The Planet of Puzzles book cover

The Planet of Puzzles

An exciting adventure story and mathematical mystery. Use your maths skills to choose how the plot unfolds. Great fun for parents and children to complete together.

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What are the Chances book cover

What are the Chances?

Probability, statistics, ratios and proportions are explored in this colourful book which shows how maths relates to the everyday world.

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