We believe that everyone can be numerate

National Numeracy has put this site together to help parents feel more confident talking to their children about maths. The Family Maths Toolkit features useful advice, resources and information that have all been reviewed and carefully selected by our Parental Engagement Team.

National Numeracy is an independent charity that works to improve numeracy, or 'everyday maths', in adults and children in the UK. Among other things, we are co-secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on maths and numeracy, we provide maths support and school improvement services in schools, and are members of the Joint Mathematics Council.

Our charitable funders include Nationwide Building Society, the Rayne Foundation, John Lyon's Charity, The Mercers' Company, The Man Group Charitable Trust, and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

We also received funding from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills towards further development of the National Numeracy Challenge.